Nachos Supremos - Lots of fresh fried corn chips loaded with steak, beans, shredded cheese, jalapeños,
pico-de-gallo & sour cream...14.99

Nachos with Pulled Chicken - With shredded cheese, jalapeños
pico-de-gallo & sour cream...13.99

Nachos “Everything” - Ground beef, shredded cheese , jalapeños,
pico-de-gallo & sour cream..13.99

Nachos with Spicy Pork - Spicy pork, cheese, pico, sour cream, jalapeños...13.99

        with Al Pastor...13.99

     with Chorizo...13.99

Nachos with your choice:

  • Pico-de-gallo.....10.50
  • Guacamole.....12.50
  • Ground Beef & Cheese....12.50


Sopa de Siete Mares (7 Seas Soup)
Crab claws, tilapia, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and calamari in a savory red chile broth with carrots and potatoes. Served with a side of tortillas, onions, cilantro and lime. Enough as a meal or to share....21.99

Sopa de Camarones (Shrimp Soup)
Lots of shrimp in a red savory chile broth with carrots and potatoes. Served with a side of tortillas, onions, cilantro and lime. Enough as a meal or to share....19.99

Pozole con Puerco - Traditional Mexican soup featuring large chunks of pork in red chile broth with whole hominy....15.99

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Red chile broth with pulled chicken, savory seasonings, topped with sliced avocado, queso fresco and tortilla strips. Cups/Bowls 6.99/8.99


Taco Salad - Shredded iceberg, cheese, diced tomatoes, onions & sour cream in a fresh fried tortilla bowl. Choice of:

Ground Beef...14.99  Chicken...15.99      Steak...15.99

Shrimp...17.99        Beans....11.99       Grilled Veggies...14.99

Combo (Steak/Chicken/Shrimp)...18.99

Ensalada de Fajita (Fajita Salad) - Mixed field greens, diced tomatoes, cheese & sour cream topped with fajita steak, chicken or shrimp, grilled bell peppers & onions. Choice of:
Chicken....15.99   Steak...15.99   Shrimp...17.99

Combo (Steak/Chicken/Shrimp)...18.99


Chilaquiles Verdes Con Pollo - Fried tortilla chips sauteed & smothered in a spicy green sauce, topped with pulled chicken & queso fresco. Served with rice & beans...16.99   Add an egg on top...1.50/Each

Carne Asada - Large slices of grilled thin steak. Served with rice, beans, corn tortillas, garnish salad and grilled spring onions...20.99

Entomatadas - Large slices of grilled thin steak. Served with rice, beans and 3 corn tortillas sauteed in salsa verde, folded and topped with queso fresco and fresh cilantro....19.99

Arroz Con Pollo (ACP) - A bed of rice with grilled chicken breast topped with our delicious queso blanco...14.99

Chori-Pollo - 2 grilled chicken breasts with homemade chorizo& grilled onions topped with our amazing queso blanco. Served with rice, beans, tortillas & a garnish salad...17.99

Carnitas - Twice cooked, mildly seasoned, small tender pork pieces served with rice, beans & corn tortillas...17.99

Tlayuda - Large hand made thin corn tortilla grilled and layered with beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, tender steak pieces, cabbage, tomatoes & avocado pieces. Served with a side of rice...20.99

Huarache Mexicano - Large hand made thick corn tortilla grilled and topped with beans, queso Oaxaca, salsa verde & choice of steakken, spicy pork, suadero, carnitas, or al pastor. Served with grilled nopal (cactus) & jalapeno...18.99

Sopes - 3 Handmade thick corn tortillas layered with beans, lettuce, salsa verde, queso fresco and your choice of meat...17.99

Tamales Dinner - Pulled chicken and sauce encased in corn dough, wrapped in a corn husk and steamed to perfection. A Mexican tradition!!! Four tamales smothered in mild red or medium spicy green sauce & cheese. Served with rice & beans...19.99
Single tamal....3.99


Fajitas & Parrillada



Authentic Mexican Street Tacos - THREE corn tortillas filled with your choice of meat. Served with onions, cilantro, slice of lime, and a side of hot sauce. 13.99
Steak (Carne Asada)
Chicken (Pollo)


Mixtos (Steak & Chorizo)
Chicken & Chorizo
Spicy Pork (Adobada)

Al Pastor


Tacos Americana - Three hard shell tacos filled with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes & sour cream...12.99

Fish (Pescado) - Hand battered & deep fried Tilapia. Served on three flour tortillas with cabbage, radishes & a side of creamy jalapeno-cilantro sauce...8.99 (May be grilled upon request) 14.99

Shrimp - Fresh shrimp & pico-de-gallo grilled together, served on three corn tortillas with queso fresco & sliced avocado.....15.99

Tortas (Mexican Sandwich)

All tortas are served on grilled fresh Mexican bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, avocado, cheese & mayo...14.99   Your choice of meat:

Chicken                              Steak

Eggs & Chorizo               Chicken & Chorizo

Steak & Chorizo              Adobada

Milaneza de Res (Breaded Steak

Milaneza de Pollo (Breaded Chicken) 

Lengua                                Al Pastor

Carnitas                               Grilled Veggies

Torta Cubana - Ham, steak, spicy pork, hotdog, egg, jalapenos, tomatoes,
avocado, onions, queso fresco,
lettuce & mayonnaise served on fresh
Mexican bread...15.99


Ground Beef - With cheese & mild red sauce...15.99

Azteca - Steak, bell peppers & onions in a mild red sauce with melted cheese...15.99 
(May substitute chicken)

Vegetable - Onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, Mexican sour cream, pico & cheese smothered in a moderately spicy green sauce & melted cheese...14.99

Bean - Refried beans and cheese in a flour tortilla. No sauce...12.99

The following burritos come with beans, sour cream, pico, cheese and moderately spicy green sauce inside. Topped with more sauce & melted cheese. 16.99

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Cancun (Chicken & Chorizo) 
  • Steak & Chorizo
  • Spicy Pork
  • Al Pastor
  • Carnitas (mild pork)



Ground Beef - With cheese and mild red sauce...16.99

Azteca - Steak, bell peppers & onions in a mild red sauce with melted cheese...18.99 (May substitute chicken)

Chicken with Choice of  Sauce...17.99

Steak with Choice of Sauce...17.99

Spicy Pork with Moderately Spicy Green Sauce...17.99


Side of French Fries.....4.50           Side of Mexican Rice.....2.99
Side of Refried Beans.....2.99         Side of R&B Combo.....5.99
Side of Black Beans.....2.99           3 oz. Guacamole.....3.75
8 oz Guacamole....10.00                12 oz Guacamole...15.00          Sliced Apples.....1.99



Huevos Rancheros - Two fried eggs topped with
pico-de-gallo, ranchero sauce & cheese. Served with rice, beans & corn tortillas...14.99

Huevos con Chorizo - Scrambled eggs with chorizo. Served with rice, beans & corn tortillas...15.99

Huevos Mexicana - Scrambled eggs with onions, jalapenos & tomatoes. Served with rice, beans & corn tortillas...14.99


Choice of Ground beef, pulled chicken, spicy pork, steak, or al pastor. wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried. Topped with lettuce, pico, fresh guacamole, cheese & sour cream. Served with rice & 



Grilled Flour tortilla filled with cheese & your choice of filling.....16.99

Chicken                             Steak                     Chorizo         

Chicken & Chorizo                                       Steak  Chorizo         

Al Pastor (Pork & Pineapple)                     Spicy Pork (Adobada)

Cheese only.....12.99

Shrimp & grilled pico....19.99

Vegetable (Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes).....14.99

Add grilled veggie to any quesadilla.....75/vegetable

Add 4 oz extra chicken or steak...4.99

Quesadilla Fritas - 3 Corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken and cheese. Grill-crisped & topped with lettuce, pico-de-gallo, cheese & sour...14.99

Chile Rellenos

Fresh Poblano pepper stuffed with mild white cheese then topped with mild red Guajillo sauce and cheese...7.99

***** Prices may change without notice *****


Our fajitas are prepared with fresh meats, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes sauteed

in a savory Mexican cream & wine sauce. ***May be omitted upon request *** 

All fajitas are served with corn tortillas, rice, beans, & a side of guacamole.

  • Steak (Bistec).....20.99
  • Chicken (Pollo).....20.99
  • Mixed (Chicken & Steak).....20.99
  • Shrimp (Camarones).....22.99
  • Texanas (Shrimp, Steak & Chicken)....23.99
  • Rancheras (HOT!!!) - Chicken, steak, jalapenos & hot sauce...21.99
  • Vegetable (Vegetal) - Onions, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms....18.99

Parrillada - Steak, chicken, spicy pork, scallops, bacon, shrimp, onions & peppers. Served with guacamole, refried beans & corn tortillas...25.99 (not in Mexican cream-wine sauce

Fried Ice Cream - A favorite!! Vanilla ice cream in a crunchy coating then flash-fried. Drizzled with your choice of chocolate or honey. Topped with whipped cream & a cherry....6.99

Tres Leches - A dense shortbread style cake saturated with three kinds of milk. Topped with whipped cream and
a cherry....6.99

Churros - Pastry sticks with a crunchy outside and a soft inside. Deep fried and sugar coated...6.99

Ice cream - 1 scoop...3.99 
Add Chocolate Syrup... .50
Fresh Sliced Apples...1.50


2 Chicken fingers with side...9.99
2 Tacos (Chicken, Ground Beef or Steak) with a side...9.99
Cheese Quesadilla with a side...8.50
Chicken or Steak Quesadilla with a side...9.99

Side Choices: Sliced apples, rice, refried beans or fries.

For kids 12 & under only. Add 5.00 for adults

Taquitos - 4 corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken, hand-rolled & deep fried. Topped with lettuce, pico, cheese & sour cream...14.99

Flautas - 2 Flour tortillas filled with pulled chicken and deep fried. Topped with lettuce, pico, guacamole, cheese & sour cream...14.99

Queso Blanco Dip - Delicious creamy white dipping cheese served piping hot...9.99  with homemade Chorizo...12.99      with seasoned ground beef...11.99

Spicy Cheese Curds deep fried & served with ranch...9.99

Wings - our famous wings with choice of sauce...7.99 (5)